If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

– Abraham Maslow

Nicholas Sherbina is a world-class patent attorney and a valuable partner for any company or individual in need of such skills. As in-house counsel for a large New Jersey-based biopharmaceutical company, I have had the pleasure of working with Nick on several biotech-related patent projects. His deep understanding of the science behind the invention, as well as the patent laws in all of the major countries around the world enables Nick to draft first-rate patent applications and prosecute them to their fullest. Under the circumstances where Nick did not draft the original patent application, he has the unique ability to come in midstream and rescue the application by formulating a new winning strategy for it.

Nick understands that obtaining an issued patent is not enough; rather obtaining a legally-enforceable patent is the end goal. I have no reservation recommending Nick for any patent-related legal work, such as patent drafting and prosecution, opinion work, and contract drafting.

In-house patent counsel at a New Jersey-based biopharmaceutical company

Nicholas Sherbina has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource for providing counsel relating to patent matters. I have worked with Nick on a variety of matters directed to anything from our core technologies to our specific products, and in each case, Nick has demonstrated a tremendous ability to quickly understand a technology and formulate a robust patent strategy. No matter the technology or the level of detail involved, it requires only a quick conversation with Nick to describe the science before we move on to the legal issues. Further, Nick’s strategies and approaches to dealing with the patent offices are always clear and well-reasoned.

My experience is that the patent issues Nick is working on resolve quickly and still leave a valuable claim breadth intact. In summary, Nick is a valuable outside counsel partner because he is quick to understand the science, identifies the core legal issues, provides a comprehensive patent portfolio strategy, and delivers excellent work product.

Jeff Landes
In-house patent counsel at a San Diego-based biotechnology company

I have had the pleasure of working with Nick both as a colleague and as a client. He excels at day to day practice and exhibits an eye for detail central to effective intellectual property protection. He uses a deliberate, careful approach to the frequent challenges that arise in innovation protection and has proven, time and again, that he delivers the highest quality legal work product.

But beyond the daily challenges of protecting innovation, it is with the most complex and intricate cases where Nick’s legal aptitude really shines. I had the opportunity to out-license a complex case that he drafted to a major U.S. pharmacological company and the quality of the patent application was no doubt a centerpiece of the deal. His ability to expand the invention beyond the bare bones idea into the likely directions for the science distinctly appealed to the licensee’s counsel. Rather than getting mired in the minutia, he was able to take an invention with many distinct aspects and express it clearly and completely. This skill is not only valuable in the licensing field, but also speeds patent cases to allowance.

I have no reservations recommending Nick for legal work in a wide variety of technology areas, particularly biotechnology, pharmacology and chemical work. Whether it is contract drafting, patent application drafting or prosecution or opinion work, I am confident that Nick will provide the highest quality legal product.

Michelle L. Lewis